GroupTalk is hiring back-end developers

GroupTalk is expanding our development team. More info about the position (Swedish).

GroupTalk app for iPhone version 3.3.7 required for iOS 12.4 users

iPhone and iPad users that have upgraded to iOS 12.4 must update to version 3.3.7 or later of the GroupTalk for iPhone app.

The iOS 12.4 update from Apple includes a limitation/bug that requires the GroupTalk app to be updated in order for the GroupTalk service to function in the “background” (not visible on the screen) as well as with bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphones or Bluetooth PTT buttons.


GroupTalk recorder

The GroupTalk recorder has been launched as a cloud service (previously it was only available as on On-Premise solution). The recorder can be configured to record and store any combination of Group PTT, Private calls and voice monitoring during panic alarms.

GroupTalk Recorder

GroupTalk PC Dispatcher as an app

The GroupTalk Dispatcher is by default used from the Google Chrome web browser.

It is possible to install the Dispatcher as a stand-alone app on Windows and Mac. Make sure that your Google Chrome web browser is up to date (minimum version 73) and enter the address:
Click on “Install GroupTalk Dispatcher…” in the menu.

Next you can drag the icon and place it in the Dock on the Mac and when launched the GroupTalk Dispatcher will be running in its own window.

GroupTalk Install dispatcher

GroupTalk for Android 3.4.0

Now includes support for:
  • Hytera PNC550 smart PoC device with PTT and alarm button
  • Phonak Communication covert bluetooth PTT accessory
  • Seecode bluetooth NBT912 Smart PTT headset

Hytera pnc550